Q and A - 26 March

Posted on 26 March 2018

collapsedIf I have multiple disabilities and therefore multiple specialist, who fills out the access request form?

collapsedI have heard someone with the same disability as me got a lot more money in their plan, why would this be?

collapsedWhy doesn't the NDIS fund iPads?

collapsedDo ASD kids need to have a current (as in the last 2 yrs) SRS and CARS-2T? As well as a current IQ test to qualify for the NDIS?

collapsedDo you need to have an intellectual disability to qualify for NDIS, or can it be solely physical or mental health, or all of the above?

collapsedDo I need a Disability Worker in order to sign up to NDIS or can I self-refer to the NDIS?