Weekly Q and A - 25 August

Posted on 25 August 2017

Can the NDIS help me to go to a concert?

If you are a participant, NDIS supports may be used to help you go to a concert but the support provided must assist you to pursue your goals, objectives and aspirations.

We call this type of NDIS support “recreation support”. You can read all about it in the Operational Guidelines on the NDIS website.

It is important the support relates to one or more of your goals. For example, developing greater social networks or greater inclusion in the community.

The NDIA will fund recreation supports relating to the participant’s disability, but it will not fund expenses ordinarily funded from a person’s income, which in this instance would be the cost of the concert ticket.

The NDIA may fund a support worker to assist you to prepare and participate in a recreational activity, such as a concert.

Do I Need a Disability Worker in order to sign up to NDIS or can I self-refer to the NDIS?

You can use the Access Checklist to test if think you might be eligible for the NDIS. If you think you meet the access requirements and the NDIS is available in your area you can call the NDIS  or visit an NDIA or Partner office and discuss your situation. We will ask you some questions to help identify the next step for you. Your disability worker can help refer you to the NDIS but you can also self-refer to the NDIS.

If you are applying on behalf of a child under the age of six, you will be referred to an Early Childhood Partner. They will work with you to understand your child’s individual needs and circumstances.

They will also:

  • connect you and your child with the most appropriate supports in your area, such as community health centre, playgroups, etc
  • provide some short-term early intervention where it has been identified as the most appropriate support, and
  • help you to request NDIS access if your child requires longer-term early childhood intervention supports. If your child becomes an NDIS participant the Early Childhood Partner will work with you to develop an NDIS plan.

For more information on NDIS access requirements go to our website.

If you request a review because your initial plan is unsuitable, can you use the funds in that plan during the review process?

Yes. You can use the funds in your plan while your plan is being reviewed. When the plan review is complete and your new plan is approved you will no longer be able to use the funds in the “initial plan”.

A participant, or a participant’s plan nominee, may request that the NDIA conduct a review of their plan at any time. This generally occurs when a participant’s circumstances change and their plan no longer meets their needs, they wish to change their statement of goals and aspirations or they request a change to their plan management type.

You can find out more about Plan Reviews on our website.

I’ve heard some people have received letters about advanced payments. What is it all about?

In June and July 2016 some self-managed participants experienced difficulties paying for supports when the new myplace portal was launched.

These participants received an advance payment to help them pay for their supports. The NDIA now needs to acquit these advance payments. If you are affected by this you will be contacted by phone and mail to explain how the offsetting process will work.

If your current plan has sufficient funds, we will offset the advanced payment within your current plan.

If there is insufficient funds in your current plan to cover the offset amount, we will work with you on a solution to ensure you aren’t disadvantaged, such as offsetting the advance payment from future plan payments.

More information is available here.

Does Centrelink’s Mobility Allowance cease once you receive transport-related funding from the NDIS?

Your NDIS plan will include any supports that the NDIS will fund, including any reasonable and necessary transport-related funded supports.

If you are receiving Mobility Allowance when you receive an approved NDIS plan, your eligibility for the Mobility Allowance payment ceases.