Provider visibility of your plan

Posted on 01 December 2017

We are making a change to the myplace participant portal from Saturday 2 December. This will mean you or your nominee will have the option to share parts of your plan with providers who have an active service booking with you.

You can provide consent through the myplace portal or by visiting an NDIA or LAC partner office.

We've made this change in response to feedback from participants and providers that being able to see aspects of a participant's plan would allow providers to better understand their goals and tailor services accordingly.

If you agree to share your plan with providers they will be able to see basic plan details which include;

  • Your name
  • NDIS number
  • Date of birth
  • Gender
  • Your goals
  • If you have a nominee
  • If you need an interpreter

It's important to remember that it is your decision to allow providers to access parts of your plan and providers cannot require you to give access.

You may choose to share your information with some providers and not others.

If you have a plan manager you will be able to agree for them to see your NDIS Budget in addition to the basic plan details.

If you work with a Support Coordinator you will also be able to agree for them see additional details in the "About Me" and "My Supports" sections of your plan as well as your NDIS budget and the basic plan details.

A small number of participants may not be able to give their providers access to their plan, including: 

  • If your current plan was created on the NDIA’s previous computer system (generally prior to 1 July 2016) and has not been reviewed, you won’t be able to give providers access to your plan;
  • If you have requested your plan to have restricted access you will see the give access button but will not be able to click on it.

If you have questions you should contact the NDIA on 1800 800 110