NDIA Media Correction

Posted on 12 December 2017

The report in The Australian published on 11 December regarding the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) staffing profile is wrong - the NDIA senior executive service (SES) is not made up with more contractors than Australian Public Service (APS) staff.

The article significantly misrepresents the NDIA’s staffing profile. The figures cited as 'executive functions' relate to numbers of people who report to a small group within SES. They do not in any way represent total SES numbers or the overall profile of the SES.

Despite being informed of this - The Australian proceeded with what is an inaccurate and wrong article.

The NDIA is growing at a large scale and a fast pace during a complex transition period. While the NDIA is growing we need the skills and capability to deliver in a flexible and effective way. Once the NDIA reaches full scheme, the workforce may need to change and evolve.

During transition, the NDIA will continue to employ a mix of people – permanent, contracted staff, secondments and consultants. Like many other APS organisations, the NDIA uses the services of various recruitment agencies and labour hire firms. This is consistent with recruitment activities across the APS.