How long until your access request is assessed?

As the NDIS rolls out to even more new locations we are receiving a very high number of requests from people to access the scheme. To meet this need, the NDIA is working hard to make sure our responses are timely and efficient.

Upon receiving a valid access request, the NDIA must respond within 21 days. You can find more information about this in the NDIA Operational Guidelines. This timeframe applies to a person who resides in an NDIS area, and who has made a valid request with all relevant information and evidence about their disability or impairment.

In some cases, the NDIA may need more documents, assessments or evidence, which means it might take longer for your request to be assessed.

How can you make sure your request is progressed?

You can assist us to process your request as soon as possible:

  • Find out when the NDIS is available in your area and how you can prepare to access the┬áNDIS.
  • If you are submitting an Access Request Form, make sure it is complete and signed, with all your information attached
  • If you have already submitted an access request and received a letter from the NDIS saying we will be contacting you, make sure you have information on hand about the impact of your impairment or disability with you
  • If you have a Centrelink Reference Number, providing this will mean we can confirm your age and residence without requesting additional documents

Your Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or Early Childhood partner can provide support and review your access request form prior to submitting it to the NDIA.

Remember, once your access request has been approved you can only enter the NDIS as a participant when it rolls out in your area.