All claims and payments will continue to be processed through the current myplace provider portal. 

In Tasmania, we will be testing features and tools of our new provider portal, called the my NDIS provider portal.

These include:

  • a new Request for Service function for support coordinators and psychosocial recovery coaches
  • the ability for registered providers, plan managers, support coordinators and psychosocial recovery coaches to view sections of a participant’s plan with participant consent
  • a reports submission feature for support coordinators and psychosocial recovery coaches as required by the Request for Service process.

How providers can access features and tools of the new provider portal

All existing providers who access the myplace provider portal will be able to access the my NDIS provider portal. 

Only those providers who have a participant in PACE, the new computer system, will be able to see information in the new my NDIS provider portal. 

Log into the my NDIS provider portal

To use the features of the new portal and tools, Tasmanian registered providers with access to the current portal will automatically have access to the new provider portal using their PRODA account.  
Tasmanian registered providers are encouraged to familiarise themselves with the new my NDIS provider portal.  
Participant information will only begin to be populated in the my NDIS provider portal once a participant has been moved to the new computer system.  
The test in Tasmania started on 14 November 2022 for people with disability approaching the NDIS with new access requests.  
It will start on 28 November 2022 for existing NDIS participants with their plan coming to an end in the next 3-6 months. 

You can watch the below videos to learn more about the my NDIS provider portal, how to log in, general service provider view, how to make a bulk payment request, how to view participant’s plan & budget information, Request for Service demonstration, and support coordinator/psychosocial recovery coach view.


How to videos: my NDIS provider portal

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