In the Tasmania test: 

  • Agency-managed participants can endorse providers for their plan. 
  • Agency-managed participants can update their endorsed providers at any time. 
  • All participants with Specialist Disability Accommodation and Behaviour Supports in their plan will need to have endorsed providers at a support category level. 
  • Participant-endorsed providers will be paid quicker than providers not endorsed by a participant.

Tasmanian providers who provide regular or ongoing supports to Agency-managed participants and participants with Specialist Disability Accommodation and Behaviour Supports should consider talking to their participants about becoming a participant-endorsed provider. 

Providers should make sure the participant knows their provider number, legal and trading names for the participant to record them as an endorsed provider. 

Participant-endorsed providers are providers a participant regularly works with and records as part of their NDIS plan.  

By endorsing a provider, participants are letting us know that provider can make claims and receive payments for valid claims on their NDIS plan funds.  

Being a participant-endorsed provider means less administration and time spent chasing details and following up claims. Participant-endorsed provider claims are generally paid within 2 to 3 days. 

Participants can still choose to use any provider, however if a claim is made by a provider who is not a participant-endorsed provider, we’ll check with the participant or their nominee by SMS to confirm the claim is for a service they agreed to. This process will generally take 10 days before the claim is paid.  

There are 2 types of participant-endorsed providers. 

Two types of participant-endorsed providers

Participant-endorsed providers – general  

Agency-managed participants can record participant-endorsed providers at the general level for core, capital and capacity-building supports funded within their NDIS plan. 

Participant-endorsed providers – category 

Participants with Specialist Disability Accommodation and Behaviour Support will also have participant-endorsed providers and will need to record their participant-endorsed providers for these two categories within their plan. 

How do Agency-managed participants endorse their providers?

Providers can’t record themselves as participant-endorsed providers on a participant’s behalf. 

Participants can endorse, change, or remove an endorsed provider at any time by talking to their myNDIS contact or by calling the National Contact Centre on 1800 800 110. 

General level providers with existing service bookings will automatically become a participant-endorsed provider when the participant’s plan is developed in our new computer system. 

Category level providers with existing services bookings will need to request that the participant records them as a participant-endorsed provider. 

Providers will be able to see the participant’s name listed in the My Participant section of the my NDIS provider portal once they have been recorded as a participant-endorsed provider. 

If a participant removes their endorsement of a provider, providers will still be able to claim for services, if they are only claiming for the period they were engaged as a participant-endorsed provider. 

For any future claims, additional validation and checks will occur because the provider will not be participant-endorsed when the service is delivered. 

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20 June 2023
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