We want to share the progress we’ve made on improving how we support young children and their families, since our consultation in early 2021.

We’re making good progress on the 23 recommendations laid out in the early childhood early intervention reset. Your feedback from the consultation has strengthened our approach to ensure we support families and young children to experience everyday life, in a way that best promotes their development.

There’s still a lot to do, but we’re on track to help children and families across Australia find the support, connections and advice they need. 

We want all children experiencing developmental delay or disability to get the support when they need it, whether they’re an NDIS participant or not, so they can live full, inclusive lives.

Our aim is to provide young children and their families and carers with:

  • easy to understand information about how we support early childhood best practice 
  • more confidence to make informed choices 
  • extra skills in activities that make a difference every day
  • more inclusion and participation in activities in the home and community.


A lot of the work we’re doing is behind the scenes, but it’s all aiming to improve outcomes for children and their families.

So far, we’ve:

  • talked to families and asked how we can improve the way we communicate and support them
  • simplified the way we talk about early childhood intervention and best practice 
  • clearly explained developmental delay so everyone knows how we make decisions for children with developmental delay or concerns
  • explained how early intervention gives children and families the best outcomes and how to access early support even if they aren’t eligible for a funded NDIS plan
  • talked with community-led early childhood programs in remote and very remote areas and community-led organisations about how we can better support families and children in these areas
  • focussed our discussions with state and territory governments on working together so all children with developmental delay or disability are fully included in early childhood education and care settings.  

You can see the full list of progress made on all 23 recommendations.

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11 October 2021
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