How our evidence supports participants

To ensure participants are fully equipped with information that helps them use their plans, we are developing guides for understanding support and other useful resources. The guides and tools summarise our research so that participants can make informed choices that will deliver the best outcomes for them. These tools can also be used by planners, providers and policy makers to support participant decision-making.

Guides for understanding supports

The guides for understanding supports are being developed as a resource to bring evidence-based research to participants. They are based on different sources of information including research evidence, participant experience and expert recommendations.  

The guides are being developed with participants, who have told us the type of information they would like included and how it should be presented. They will cover topics including, but not limited to, early childhood interventions, employment and community participation.

The guides include information about:

  • the available research
  • who to talk to if you have questions about a support
  • where you can find more information.

You can use the information in the guides to:

  • collect information from different sources
  • think about the pros and cons of each support or service
  • think about what is right for you.

 The following guide is now available:

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21 April 2022
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