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With many housing options available to people with disability, here’s the what the research on Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) tells us about these options. 

The right SDA for you might look very different to the right SDA for someone else. You may prefer a home shared with a small number of friends. Others may like a private unit and garden with features for physical accessibility or a granny flat near to transport and the local fitness park. 

Evidence review: Environmental scan of Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA)

This research explores what components of SDA might best meet the needs of people with significant and permanent disability. The questions we ask include understanding what design principles are important for people who use SDA.

The SDA environmental scan report will be released in 2021.

What did we review? 

In response to the SDA Innovation Plan released in 2019, we conducted an environmental scan to explore the components of SDA that improve the outcomes of people with disability.

This project seeks to identify:

  • How SDA is being implemented across Australia
  • What tools are available to support participants exploring SDA
  • What design principles are important for individuals who require SDA
  • If there is evidence to support what works and for whom
  • What research and evaluation activities are underway to help us to understand SDA impact?
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