Reform for outcomes

The Australian Government has outlined reforms to the NDIS that will deliver better outcomes for people with disability, and in the process, help secure the ongoing sustainability of the Scheme.

To support these reforms, the Government announced an investment of $724.4 million over 4 years to lift the NDIA’s capability, capacity and systems to better support participants.

We are working closely with people with disability and representatives from the disability community to co-design 6 key initiatives which will ensure that the NDIS delivers better outcomes for participants.

These initiatives are focused on:

  • Addressing workforce capability to improve the consistency of access and planning decisions. This includes increasing the number of specialised planners.
  • Processes to support participants around better planning to manage their funding.
  • Implementing a lifetime planning approach so plans are more transparent and enable flexibility for life events.
  • Improving the consistency of supported independent living decisions.
  • Helping participants understand and access evidenced-based supports.
  • Supporting staff to detect, respond to, and reduce provider fraud and non-compliance.

Ensuring we co-design reforms with people with disability and the disability community is critical to the success of the NDIS. 

Each working group is co-chaired by DRCO / IAC member and NDIA representative.

The co-chairs of each working group are meeting monthly as an Implementation Steering Committee, to provide oversight across the program. 

Reform for Outcomes Program Quarterly Meeting

The Independent Advisory Council and Disability Representative Carer Organisations will hold a joint meeting quarterly to discuss and report on the progress of the co-design work. 

A summary of the meetings can be found below:

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21 September 2023
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