Calling about your plan during coronavirus (COVID-19) 

There may be a range of reasons the NDIA or Local Area Coordinator is contacting you at the moment.

These include:

  • We are calling participants who are due for their scheduled plan reassessment.  During this call we will discuss with the participant their options, such as renewing or extending their current plan, or doing a full plan reassessment if their circumstances have changed. 
  • We are calling participants who have health, disability or circumstances which could make them more vulnerable during the Coronavirus pandemic. 
  • We are continuing to work through our usual process for Assistive Technology items and quotes, or if you have requested a change to your plan.  

If we are calling to check in on you and make sure that you can still access supports in your NDIS plan because of the COVID-19 situation, these conversations may lead to plan reassessment, if your situation has changed. You can ask for this to be scheduled for a more convenient time so you can have family or friends support you. Calls may occur outside usual business hours and will be from a private number.

We will always explain if we are undertaking a plan reassessment or any other official process.  We will discuss this at the start of the call and confirm at the end you are comfortable with the process and next steps.

To protect your privacy, we will ask you some questions to identify you before we discuss your details

If you are ever unsure about whether a person calling you is from the NDIA, or one of our partners in the community, before you give them any information, you should ask the person to verify your NDIS reference number. 

Alternatively, you should take their name and number and call the NDIA back. If you think you may have been contacted by someone wrongly claiming to be from the NDIA, please contact us by emailing [email protected] or calling 1800 800 110.

This page current as of
13 September 2022
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