September 2019 - SDA Reference Group

NDIS Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) Reference Group Communique - Meeting, Thursday 5 September, 2019

The Members confirmed the previous minutes with a minor amendment.

SDA Limited Cost Assumptions Review

The Review has been completed, and is pending approval from the NDIA Board. The NDIA thanks all who participated. The Board is expected to finalise the review by the end of October. The report will then be released.
Reforms to SDA Rules

The Department of Social Services circulated the first draft to the SDA Reference Group, which include a provision to enable SDA participants to live with non SDA eligible family members. The rules are currently being developed and refined, and will be circulated to members and all state and territory governments. The rules change is expected to be enacted by the end of the year. The rule change will enable policy change, including requiring changes to pricing, which are a matter for the NDIA Board. 

SDA Design Standard

The NDIA thanks all members for their written and verbal feedback on the draft Implementation Plan for the SDA Design Standard. It is now finalised, and will be launched shortly by the Minister.

SDA Innovation Plan

The NDIA has incorporated the stakeholder feedback into the SDA Innovation Plan, which is shortly due for release.

Agenda Items for future meetings

Members proposed a range of topics for future agenda items.

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