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Roll out of national NDIS in WA

From 1 July 2018, the National Disability Insurance Agency will assume responsibility for the delivery of the NDIS in WA. The NDIS will continue to roll out on a geographic basis and will be fully rolled out across Western Australia by 2020.

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General questions

collapsedI am a WA NDIS participant and I have received a letter that says I have to make an access request. I thought WA NDIS participants did not have to make an access request. Why have I received this letter?

collapsedWhat is the difference between transfer and transition?

collapsedWhat’s the process for transition and what are the arrangements for people who are 65 years old?

collapsedWhat are the Early Childhood Early Intervention (ECEI) arrangements in WA for children 0 – 6 years old?

collapsedWill NDIA use Local Area Coordinators (LACs)?

collapsedWill the NDIS Midland office in the Perth Hills area remain or will a new location be set up?

collapsedDoes the eligibility criteria differ across two different services?

collapsedDo people have the opportunity to appeal decisions made by the Government of WA implementing the WA NDIS and the NDIA implementing the NDIS?

collapsedWhat are the timeframes for the transition to the nationally-delivered NDIS?

collapsedHow will the national Scheme be different to the WA-administered scheme?

Questions from WA NDIS clients

collapsedHow will people in the WA NDIS transfer to the NDIA?

collapsedWhat is the format of the plan transfer meeting?

collapsedWhen will the next plan review occur after transfer?

collapsedHow are providers linked to NDIS plans during the transfer process?

collapsedAre the quotable items and quoting process within the WA NDIS plan different to the NDIA process?

collapsedWill support coordination be included as part of the transfer?

collapsedWhat happens with mobility allowance?

collapsedWhat does this change mean for clients in the WA NDIS?

collapsedWill any WA NDIS clients be disadvantaged or receive a lower level of support when they move to the nationally-delivered NDIS?

Questions from providers

collapsedAm I able to claim the establishment fee for Personal Care/Community Access for a participant who has their plan transferred from WA NDIS to the NDIA administered NDIS?

collapsedAs a Provider, how does the transition to the national NDIS affect me?

collapsedWill the pricing structure be the same?

collapsedWill providers be informed of how and when the transfer and transition will take place?

collapsedWe have applied to be a registered provider. Will our application be processed in time for the participant transfers?  

collapsedWhat happens to In-kind funding?

collapsedWill there be a need to register for specialist support coordination?

collapsedWill providers under the WA-NDIS need to register with the nationally-delivered NDIS?