Nominees Operational Guideline - Principles relating to nominees

4. Principles relating to nominees

The following general principles which guide all actions under the NDIS Act are particularly relevant to nominees:

  • people with disability should be supported to exercise choice, including in relation to taking reasonable risks, in the pursuit of their goals and the planning and delivery of their supports (section 4(4));
  • people with disability have the same right as other members of Australian society to be able to determine their own best interests, including the right to exercise choice and control, and to engage as equal partners in decisions that will affect their lives, to the full extent of their capacity (section 4(8));
  • people with disability should be supported in all their dealings and communications with the NDIA so that their capacity to exercise choice and control is maximised in a way that is appropriate to their circumstances and cultural needs (section 4(9)); and
  • the role of families, carers and other significant persons in the lives of people with disability is to be acknowledged and respected (section 4(12)).

The NDIS Act also sets out general principles which guide the actions of people who may do acts or things on behalf of others which are particularly relevant to nominees.

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3 December 2019
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