Access to the NDIS Operational Guideline

In this section:

  1. What is the purpose of this operational guideline?

  2. What is the relevant legislation?

  3. Overview

    1. NDIS full scheme progressive rollout

  4. General matters relating to access requests

    1. What is the meaning of access?

    2. What is an access request?

    3. Who can make an access request?

    4. When can an access request be made?

    5. What must the NDIA do when it receives an access request?

    6. What constitutes a valid access request?

    7. What will the NDIA do if an access request is not valid?

    8. What are the timeframes for deciding access requests?

    9. Extended timeframes for deciding access requests in NDIS areas

    10. Failure of the NDIA to decide access request within time

    11. Prioritising prospective participants with urgent circumstances

  5. Access criteria

  6. The age requirements

    1. Under 65 years of age

    2. NDIS area specific age requirements

  7. The residence requirements

    1. Resides in Australia

    2. Australian citizen, holder of a permanent visa or protected SCV holder

    3. The additional residence requirements

  8. The disability requirements

    1. What is a disability attributable to impairment?

    2. When is an impairment permanent or likely to be permanent?

    3. Substantially reduced functional capacity to undertake relevant activities

    4. When does an impairment affect a person's capacity for social or economic participation?

    5. When is a person likely to require support under the NDIS for their lifetime?

    6. Streamlined process for determining the disability requirement

  9. Early intervention requirements

    1. When is an impairment permanent or likely to be permanent for the early intervention requirements?

    2. Developmental delay (early intervention in early childhood)

    3. Determining whether early intervention supports are likely to benefit the person

    4. Is the support most appropriately funded or provided through the NDIS?

    5. Developmental delay (early intervention in early childhood)

    6. Reassessment of early intervention supports

  10. Determining whether a prospective participant meets the access criteria

    1. Assessing all the available information

    2. Requesting further information or reports to inform the access decision

  11. Clients of specified new south wales disability programs

    1. Alternative pathway for satisfying access criteria

    2. What is the qualifying time?

    3. What is the qualifying period?

    4. What are the qualifying programs?

  12. What happens when an access decision is made

    1. Prospective participants who meet the access criteria (becoming a participant)

    2. What happens once a person has become a participant

    3. Prospective participants who do not meet the access criteria

    4. Requirement to notify prospective participant of access decision

    5. Protected participant status

  13. When a person ceases to be a participant

    1. Person deceased

    2. Person enters a residential care service

    3. Person starts being provided with home care

    4. Person's status as a participant revoked

    5. Person no longer wishes to be a participant

    6. Person not entitled to be paid NDIS amounts after they cease to be a participant

  14. List a – Conditions which are likely to meet the disability requirements in section 24 of the NDIS Act

  15. List b – Permanent conditions for which functional capacity are variable and further assessment of functional capacity generally is required

  16. List c – Defined programs

  17. List d – Permanent impairment/early intervention, under 7 years – no further assessment required

  18. List e – Qualifying programs

  19. Schedule a – Additional age and residence requirements

  20. Schedule b – NDIS areas.

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16 July 2019
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