The Participant Service Charter and the Participant Service Improvement Plan are an important part of our Corporate Plan and roll-up a number of new and ongoing projects we’re working on to improve the NDIS for all participants.

The Participant Service Charter – released in August 2020

The Participant Service Charter guides how we will work with participants, their families and carers to deliver the NDIS. It is our public commitment to ensuring we put the participant at the centre of everything we do.

The Service Charter is based on five engagement principles for our interactions with participants. We will provide a service that is:

  • Transparent 
  • Responsive
  • Respectful
  • Empowering
  • Connected

The Participant Service Guarantee – from July 2020

The government made a commitment to put a Participant Service Guarantee in place. The Guarantee was a key recommendation in the 2019 independent review of the NDIS Act – also known as the Tune Review.

The Participant Service Guarantee sets clear timeframes for key NDIS processes. The NDIA must make decisions about access, plan approvals, plan reviews and nominee changes within these timeframes. This gives participants, families and carers greater certainty about how long processes will take.

The Participant Service Guarantee also includes the five engagement principles that are embodied in the Service Charter. These will be set into law when the Guarantee is formally legislated next year. However, the standards of the Guarantee apply now.

We will report on our performance against the Participant Service Guarantee’s timeframes each quarter in our Quarterly Reports, and the Commonwealth Ombudsman will independently check our performance.

The Participant Service Charter also tells participants how they can contact us, make a complaint or provide feedback and their rights if they do not agree with a decision we’ve made.

You can read the Participant Service Charter.

More information about the Participant Service Guarantee can be found on the DSS website.

The Participant Service Improvement Plan – released in August 2020

We are committed to improving how we serve NDIS participants. To do this, we have created a Participant Service Improvement Plan (SIP). 

The SIP is our blueprint for what we want to change over the next two years to improve the NDIS experience for participants. It is an ambitious agenda, but we are confident it will improve the experience and the outcomes of participants. 

The SIP will increase participant confidence in the Scheme, with initiatives like:

  • A current contact in the NDIA, and the full name of a person on our correspondence to participants including the reasons behind our decisions;
  • Easy-to-use guidelines, and more plain English descriptions and examples;
  • Plan summary statements and draft plans – before a participant’s plan is approved;
  • Longer duration plans which are reviewed at participants’ or NDIA’s request, rather than on a set annual basis;
  • More responsive and flexible ICT systems, including a new digital platform to support our work with participants, and an NDIS mobile app for real-time transactions.

You can read the Participant Service Improvement Plan.

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