Since launching individualised living options (ILO) in 2020, we have identified opportunities to improve ILO resources and practices, based on feedback from providers and participants. 

We want to ensure participants with home and living goals in their plan understand ILO, as do Agency planners and partners. 

Work is underway to develop new resources for providers and participants, and to create stronger connections to existing ILO providers. 

We want to encourage participants to consider home and living supports that give them more choice and control on who they live with, where they live and how their supports are provided. 

We also want to grow a strong market of ILO providers to provide more tailored home and living supports for NDIS participants.

From April 2022, we will be progressively rolling out specific improvements for participants and providers who want to learn more about ILO and investigate their ILO options.

Improvements include:

  • clarifying the process on how to request funds to explore ILO through the Supporting evidence form - Home and living
  • new and simplified participant and provider website content to help individuals learn more about ILO and providers to consider if delivering ILO supports is right for them
  • releasing accessible participant resources such as animations, scenarios and information in Easy Read to explain what ILO is, how current participants are using ILO and the process participants, their families and carers can follow to explore their home and living options
  • a detailed Provider Handbook to support existing and new providers consider their service offer, responsibilities and business model when delivering ILO supports
  • more guidance on how we make decisions when participants request ILO.

Requesting ILO supports

Participants requesting ILO supports will need to complete the:

Completing this form should be done in one of the following ways:

  • within 100 days of a participant’s plan end date, for consideration during a scheduled plan reassessment
  • with a Change of situation or change of details form, or
  • with a Request for a review of a decision form.

The form will help participants to select the correct option based on their current needs.

Participants can bring this form along to their scheduled plan reassessment, or if they need help from their planner.

How to submit this form

Once completed, you can return this form in one of three ways:

  • Via email to: [email protected]
  • Via mail to: NDIA, GPO Box 700, Canberra ACT 2601
  • In person at your local NDIS or partner office. 

If a participant is submitting this before their scheduled plan reassessment, please do so within 100 days of a scheduled reassessment. This will help ensure we have all the information we need early and reduce the need to request additional information.

This form should be supported with all relevant information, including any assessments or letters from health professionals.

If a participant has already submitted the previous home and living supports form, they do not need to do anything else. We will still process and consider this request.

Getting started as a participant

ILO lets participants choose where and how they live and set up supports in a flexible way that suits their needs.

ILO is a package of supports participants can use to help them live the way that best suits them.

ILO funding does not pay for the accommodation itself. 

ILO could be an alternative to a group living arrangement where supports are shared. 

Using ILO funding, participants can: 

  • explore different ways to live – with friends, housemates, family or a host
  • design a support package to help them live the way they choose 
  • use their NDIS funding on a mix of informal and formal supports.

The flexibility of an ILO package means everyone’s ILO will be different.  

You consider your preferences, strengths, support needs, informal and community networks when deciding the right ILO services for you.

Find out more about ILO and how NDIS participants can request funds to explore ILO options.

Getting started as a provider

An ILO provider plays an important role in understanding a person’s vision for their living situation and in developing support arrangements to help meet that vision.

ILO providers will support participants to make decisions about where and with whom they live and how their supports can enable them to live in a way that best suits them. 

There are NDIS participants across Australia who have living arrangements facilitated through ILOs, although in many locations they are still relatively small in number.

Some supported independent living (SIL) residents or NDIS participants living at home may be ready to consider making a change to their living arrangement.

We will clarify the process for participants to request the inclusion of ILO – Explore and Design funding in their NDIS plan in addition to current home and living supports, which means they can consider and choose alternatives.  

The NDIA expects providers will increasingly look to add ILO to the services they offer NDIS participants.  

Find out more about being an ILO provider.

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7 September 2022
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