We have talked to people in the disability community. We found out that participants want the NDIA to support different ways of living. Providers also want to know more about different ways of delivering home and living supports.

We are thankful for this information. We want to work together with participants and providers to develop new home and living supports that deliver better and more effective outcomes.

Tell us your ideas

Do you have ideas for how home and living supports could be delivered in new and different ways? Anyone can have a new idea.

We want participants, carers and family members, providers and the wider community to put forward their ideas through this new pathway. The NDIA can provide feedback on early ideas and project proposals. 

When you share your idea or proposal with the NDIA, you consent to the NDIA keeping and using your personal information. This includes any sensitive information included in the idea or proposal.  

You have the choice of giving us your idea or not. We will only use the information you give us to: 

  • improve the delivery of home and living supports through the NDIS; and
  • review your proposal and, if possible, provide feedback. 

We may be unable to give you feedback about your idea or proposal if you do not give us your personal information, such as your contact details.  
You can read our Privacy Policy. It contains information about how the NDIA: 

  • gathers personal information
  • uses personal information
  • discloses personal information and 
  • stores personal information.  

Our Privacy Policy tells you how you can access and seek correction of any personal information we may have about you. It also provides information about the NDIA’s privacy complaints procedure.  

What we need to know

If you have a new home and living idea or proposal in its early design stages and would like our feedback, please email us at [email protected] with a brief proposal (800 words or less). Your email should include all of the following points: 

About you

  •  Your name 
  • Your NDIS number (if you have one)
  • Your business name and ABN/ACN or provider registration number ONLY if you are acting on behalf of a business

Your contact details

  • Your email address or phone number
  • How you want to be contacted 

About your idea

  • Tell us about your idea 
  • Who came up with the idea 
  • Did anyone else help you to work out the idea?
  • How your idea is different from what can be done now


  • How much you think it will cost
  • How you will pay for it


  • How will you know if your idea has worked?
  • How long will it take to see if it has worked?


  • Things that would cause problems 
  • Ways of fixing any problems


  • Is there anything you want from the NDIA to help with your idea? 

If you are not sure if you should share your idea with us, please use the following questions to help you to decide.  

If you answer ‘yes’ to all the questions, then you should consider sharing your idea with us:

  • My idea can be done using existing plan funding for home and living,
  • My idea is a different way of delivering home and living supports, and
  • My idea fixes a current home and living problem.

Ways to submit

You can share your idea or proposal in any of the following formats and emailing us at [email protected]

  • Word document
  • PowerPoint
  • a video or voice recording. 


We want to make it easy for you to tell us your idea.  We will keep trying to make this process as accessible as possible.  

If you can’t use one of the ways we have listed here, you can talk to us about it.  Send an email to [email protected] and we will make sure that you can tell us your idea.

Important reminders

Please remember that this pathway is not part of the NDIS planning process. It cannot be used as a way to bypass the Agency’s plan reassessment process.  It is not a plan variation process or a way to seek an internal review of your existing NDIS plan.  

In preparing your idea, please know that: 

  • There is currently no grant funding available to support ideas. All ideas need to be carried out using existing NDIS funds and pricing arrangements; and
  • The Agency cannot promote individual businesses or make direct referrals to support your idea. 

If you have any questions about:

  • your current NDIS plan
  • changing your current plan, or
  • getting a new plan

Please speak to your:

  • Support Coordinator
  • Local Area Coordinator, or
  • NDIS Planner


We will try to tell you what we think about your idea within 6 weeks of you sharing it with us. 

Already doing something new and different?

If you have already created a new model for home and living supports that is working for you or the people you support, we’d love to hear from you.  Please feel free to contact us at: [email protected] 

Home and Living Demonstration Projects

For more information about our Round 1 and Round 2 Home and Living Demonstration Projects, please visit the following pages: 

Round 1 - Home and living demonstration projects | NDIS; and

Round 2 - Home and living demonstration projects - round 2 | NDIS

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25 May 2023
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