Participant stories and videos


Keeping your information safe: an animation about your NDIS plan and keeping your information safe.

Fraud and scams during COVID-19: an animation about Coronavirus (COVID-19) and protecting yourself from frauds and scams.


Always report suspicious behaviour 

John was sitting at home when his phone rang. He answered and was greeted by a man, claiming to be from the NDIA and wanting to talk about his plan.

John didn’t recall having spoken to the man previously, and didn’t think he was in need of a new plan.

As the conversation progressed, John became increasingly suspicious that the caller on the phone was not actually an NDIA staff member. As a result, he ended the call.

He then rang the NDIA to check if the call was legitimate. John was correct, there was no record of the NDIA calling John recently.

Upon receiving his call and being alerted to a potential scam, the Agency increased security measures for John and his plan was monitored for any unusual or suspicious activity.

Report suspicious use of your funding

Jane was excited about seeing her friends the next day when the taxi company she used for transport called to say they would be unable to take her.

The company said she hadn’t paid for her previous trips. Jane was confused, so she rang her mother who manages her NDIS plan, to tell her what had happened.

Jane’s mother was shocked. After making some phone calls, her mother learned Jane’s NDIS travel supports funding had run out.

That didn’t seem right, so she checked with the taxi company on the recent taxi fares claimed through Jane’s NDIS plan.

It was clear that some of these fares charged had not been used by Jane, as the drop-off and pick-up locations were unknown to Jane, and the mobile phone numbers used to make these suspicious bookings were also from an unknown number.

Jane’s mother called the NDIS fraud reporting and scams helpline. 

The Identity Management team looked into the claims on Jane's plan and they are being assessed for possible fraud. The Identity Management team identified information about Jane’s identity and plan had been shared with a scammer, who then used the information to access her NDIS funding.

The Identity Management team also arranged for the travel supports to be restored to Jane's plan so that she could continue to get the transport she needs. 

And Jane was able to see her friends the following day.

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9 September 2020